Weekly Reading Roundup

22 Jun

Here’s a look at what I’ve been reading this week – stuff that made me laugh, made me groan, or made me think:

I Am Sorry – Alan Chambers, formerly of Exodus International, apologizes to the LGBT community for years of judgmental treatment.  More of his plans can be found here – Exodus International to Shut Down.

Multisite Evolution – Ed Stetzer takes a look at the rise of the “multisite” model, the good and bad of the situation, and presents some suggestions about how and where the movement can grow in the future.

Does “Man of Steel” do an injustice to Superman’s character? – While it’s not like “Man of Steel” has been getting awesome reviews, some people are also questioning if the movie even does the iconic character justice.

Superman’s battle with Zod cost $2 trillion, killed 129,000 people – Kinetic Analysis Corp. watched the movie and put together an assessment of the cost of the damage.  In fact, they even wrote up an in-character report, with their own firm working for LexCorp.

Four Ways Churches Break Attendance Barriers – Thom Rainer looks at the various options churches choose to get over the attendance hump – and do any of them really work?

Recruitment versus Reproduction – A look at the difference between recruiting people to fill a spot compared to developing leaders to actually handle ministry.  A powerful quote – “Recruitment is often a form of arrogance. It occurs when we back ourselves into the corner that ‘only I can lead the work’ and ‘only I know how it should be done’ and ‘only I can see where we need to go.'”

Paula Deen fans vent outrage at Food Network for dumping celebrity cook over past racial slurs – I never would have thought Food Network would have dumped her so quickly.  Makes me think they may have already been looking to get away from the Deen brand.  That said, I don’t blame them at all, and this certainly won’t stop me from watching Food Network.

Gospel Grains – Finally, for much happier Food Network-related news, here’s a sermon intro that Alton Brown made for his church in Marietta, Georgia.  Looks just like an episode of Good Eats.  I don’t know how well it would work for a non-Brown fan, but it sold me.  And here’s a write-up about AB that covers some of his spiritual experience.

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