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Churches and Social Media

250px-TwitterI read an interesting article today by Brandon Cox, who I follow because he’s planting a church in Northwest Arkansas, which is an area I’ve always felt called to.  I think that’s a God thing, but sometimes I suspect it could also be related to the Catfish Hole and easy access to Razorback games.

Also, I follow him because he follows me on Twitter.  Continuing the trend of personal honesty, I don’t have a lot of Twitter followers, so I tend to cling like grim death to the few I have.  (Honesty Update: I currently have 33 followers, and one of those is a joke account I made for our cat.)

(On a related note.  @bs_townsend.  Do it.)

Anyway, back to Twitter.  That’s why I recognize the name Brandon Cox when I see it on an article, and it also happens to be what his article was about in the first place – Who Invented Social Media?  His premise is that, since God invented social media – which he defines as “the sharing of information through relationships” – why are we, as Christians, so terrified of exploiting it?

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