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Food My Wife Likes, Part One – Honey Lime Fruit Salad

So, the wife and I have both resolved to be healthier this new year.  To help with that, I’ve personally made it a goal to fewer processed ingredients, cook at home more often, and do less fast-food purchasing in general.  Since I like to cook, I’m responsible for doing most of the cooking, and I’m the guy who purchases the groceries (usually), I’ve decided to make some changes in my routine – including a lot of advance meal planning.

I’d also originally planned to blog about everything I cook, but let’s be honest – they don’t all turn out to be winners.

So, I’m just going to blog about the stuff we really, really liked.  First up is a recipe I originally found at a blog called Mel’s Kitchen Cafe – Honey Lime Fruit Salad.  Personally, I’m not a big fruit salad fan, but I really liked this version – and my wife raved about it.  In fact, she showed more than one sign of possibly developing some sort of addiction to this salad.  The bowl has steadily gotten emptier and emptier since Monday, and now that my wife has gone to bed, I’m planning to pack the rest for my lunch tomorrow without her knowing.

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Chicken Soup for the Sick Wife’s Soul

So, as I’ve mentioned, I like to cook.  I like to think that I’m pretty good, too.  This is not always an opinion shared by everyone else, sadly.  My wife, for example, often accuses me of doing “too much”.  For example, if she wants a grilled cheese sandwich, she wants bread (sliced) and cheese (Kraft singles).  She can handle my insistence on cheese that’s not in individually-wrapped slices, but she has no desire for me to add anything else – like bacon, chipotle-rasperry sauce, cajun-smoked ham, croissants, or (especially) fried eggs.

Though, all that stuff together makes one heck of a grilled-cheese.

So, when she was sick the other night, I decided that what she’d most want was to keep it simple.  Simple like chicken and rice soup.  This turned out better than expected – and by that I mean, I actually liked it, too (I am not a chicken soup guy).  Here’s the recipe:

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